Pilar Marrero on Obamacare, Wikileaks and other political news on CNN International

Affordable Care Act-Obamacare / Donald Trump / Living in Trumplandia / Wikileaks / March 9, 2017

The turnover of news stories in Washington these days doesn´t seem to stop and there´s very little time to digest news when every day brings a new investigation, leak or series of early morning tweets by a President who never sleeps. Newsroom LA is a live show taped in Los Angeles that plays on CNN International for the whole world and sometimes on CNN Domestic and I participated in two segments in this show on March 7th, Tuesday night.

The conversation happened on the same day that Republicans unveiled the not-so-unifying replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare and when a trove of (supposedly) CIA-classified information on the technology used to spy on folks using their electronic devices was published by Wikileaks.

So here you have the two segments, which were broadcast live at 9 and 10 p.m. Pacific that night. I participated in a panel of three with political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson and pollster Justin Wallin.

You can watch the first part here: (I had trouble watching on Chrome, but was able to on Explorer)

Second Part:

I had a weird ear piece and had a hard time hearing what they were talking about in the other studio, and I didn´t hear the first question at all but here you go.

Here´s the first part, just in case you have trouble with those links. I just got the downloadable video.


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Pilar Marrero
Pilar Marrero is a journalist and author with long experience in covering social and political issues of the Latino community in the United States. She is one of the foremost experts on immigration politics in the US media world and has covered the issue extensively over her years as a reporter. In 2012, Pallgrave McMillan published her first book, Killing the American Dream, which chronicles the last 25 years of immigration policy mishaps in the United States and their consequences for the country´s economic future. The book was also published in Spanish by Penguin Books with the title “El Despertar del Sueño Americano”. She also has taught journalism at UCLA Extension and Cal State Northridge and recently covered the 2016 Presidential campaign for Impremedia, a company with media outlets in 15 markets across the US, including the flagship La Opinion Newspaper in Los Angeles. Other newspapers in the company include El Diario in New York, La Raza in Chicago and Rumbo in Houston, Texas. She is now working on documenting and writing about the impact of President Donald Trump’s policies on the immigrant community. She is fluent in Spanish and English and she’s studying the Greek language.

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