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How anti immigration extremists are destroying the nation

What´s at stake if don´t deal with immigration reform in an honest way? Nothing less than the future of the country. A book by journalist Pilar Marrero

As the US deports record numbers of immigrants and local and state governments scramble to pass laws resembling dystopian police states where anyone can be questioned and neighbors are encouraged to report on one another, violent anti-immigration rhetoric is growing across the nation. Against this tide of hysteria, Pilar Marrero reveals how damaging this rise in malice toward immigrants is not only to the individuals, but to our country as a whole.

On sale nationwide October 2nd in bookstores and all electronic platforms.

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Reviews of “Killing the American Dream”

“This book reminds us that the American Dream is the dream of America’s immigrants. To insult, fire, jail, deport and scapegoat immigrants for every imaginable evil—even to kill them—is to extinguish not just their dream, but ours a nation. Pilar Marrero’s careful, penetrating and comprehensive look at the toxic mess of the politics and policy of immigration picks up in the 21st century where the indispensable work of John Higham, author of the classic study of nativism Strangers in the Land, left off.”
Rubén Martínez, author of desert America, boom and bust in the New Old West.

“It ought to be easy to persuade a nation built by immigrants to keep the door ajar. But it isn´t. Few people are moved by studies showing the economic benefits of migration. But many can relate to stories of flesh and blood human beings who migrate to find a better life. Ms Marrero tells these stories with passion and conviction. Killing the American Dream is, oddly enough, a step towards saving it”
Robert Guest, Business Editor of The Economist.

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