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Home About Pilar Marrero

Pilar Marrero.37 retPilar Marrero is a journalist and author with long experience in covering social and political issues of the Latino community in the United States.  She is one of the foremost experts on immigration politics in the US media world and has covered the issue extensively over her years as a reporter.

In 2012, Pallgrave McMillan published her first book, Killing the American Dream, which chronicles the last 25 years of immigration policy mishaps in the United States and their consequences for the country´s economic future.   The book was also published in Spanish by Penguin Books with the title “El Despertar del Sueño Americano”.

As a reporter living in Los Angeles, the epicenter of immigration and diversity in the U.S. West coast, she has covered government at all levels, including all the Presidential Races in the United States since 1992, from a multicultural point of view.  She has worked in print and broadcast, and in the last few years has become an avid social media enthusiast with a combined 15,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

She also has been a journalism professor at UCLA Extension and Cal State Northridge, teaching Reporting and Writing, Feature Writing and Introduction to Spanish Language Media.

Pilar has also seen the political world from the inside, as Communications Director for Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, before coming back to journalism to cover the 2016 Presidential campaign for Impremedia, a company with media outlets in 15 markets across the US, including the flagship La Opinion Newspaper in Los Angeles. Other newspapers in the company include El Diario in New York, La Raza in Chicago and Rumbo in Houston, Texas.

She loves traveling and writing about the places, cultures and foods of the places she visits.

Fluent in Spanish and English.

Additional information:

Political Journalist and Panelist

Pilar has participated as a political journalist in several election and political panels. A sample:

2012 Advancement Project: Los Angeles 2013 Mayoral Elections Panel on public safety (Panelist-Journalist)

2012 Miami, Florida, European Union Center of Excellence: University of Miami and Florida International University, invited speaker. Breakfast Seminar on Immigration in the US and EU. Invited Speaker

2005  La Opinion: Univisión bilingual debate of Los Angeles mayoral race in the runoff. (Panelist)

2004  League of Conservation Voters: Environmental debate of Presidential candidates- primary election for President in English (Panelist).

2003  KTVU-TV Walnut Creek:  First debate of the California Governor’s recall campaign in English. One of three journalists posing questions to candidates.

2001  Co-host: Los Angeles Mayoral debate, Univisión.

1999  La Opinion: Univisión debate in Spanish for the gubernatorial race (Co-host)


2011 California Chicano News Media Association (Latino Journalists of California): Career Achievement Award

2011 City of Los Angeles, Certificate of Recognition, emerging leader in journalism and media and for promoting diversity and cultural awareness within role in media.

2010 National Association of Hispanic Publications, José Martí Publishing Awards, Outstanding Special Section, Gold Award.

2006 New America Media National Award: Series of articles: Latinos and African-americans, parallel histories

2004 International Center for Journalists Fellowship (One of 10 fellowships awarded that year that paid for projects on international reporting): Developed series titled ‘A NEW PATH FOR INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION: LATINAMERICANS IN SPAIN’

2004 Second Place The National Association of Hispanic Publications: Outstanding Political Article

2003 Honorary Mention by the National Association of Hispanic Publications: Outstanding Editorial Column

2002 Honorary Mention by Interamerican Press Association: Opinion category

1998 Interamerican Press Association: team award for reporting on immigration

1997 Interamerican Press Association: Team award. Jose Antonio Miro Quesada for La Opinion’s campaign to promote hispanic voter registration

1996 Interamerican Press Association: team award for political coverage of the presidential election

1992 National Association of Hispanic Publications: Outstanding Prize for Reporting on Latin America for the series “The state of the press during the war in El Salvador”